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Demo Reel

by Dan Alex Rivera
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You’ll hear a range of recent characters on my demo reel. Each sample gives a glimpse into that character’s life and story. Included are:

The Aging Man (0:00 - 0:17)
50's Greaser (0:17 - 0:41)
The Professor (0:41 - 0:55)
Wild West Walk-in (0:55 - 1:13)
Cartoon Coyote (1:13 - 1:36)
Space Marine (1:36 - 2:00)


I bring characters to life.

I'm Dan Alex Rivera, a remote or on-location non-union voiceover actor and artist based in New York City.

But really, I’m whoever you need me to be.

Good voice-over acting is not just voicing a character, but becoming that character. Living their story. Giving everything they say depth and meaning beyond the spoken words.

As a musician, I learned to listen for and shift subtle nuances, tones, and phrasing to evoke emotions and create meaning. A slight adjustment can change a character’s mood, age, or intention to convey who they really are.

As a visual artist, I honed my creativity at the School of Visual Arts, where I studied Fine Arts and Photography. I know how environment, mediums, contrasting colors, and layering come together to create depth in a work of art. In voiceover acting, I create depth by visualizing a character in their world, thinking about who they’re speaking to, and conveying their tone and situation.

As a lifelong sci-fi and animation enthusiast, watcher, and dreamer, I’ve always been drawn to characters’ incredible stories. Each time I’d pretend to be one of the characters from these imaginary worlds, I wouldn’t just mimic their voice—I’d become them.

As a voiceover actor, throwing myself into an alternate universe with a new identity sparks the same fun and excitement I felt as a kid. Each new project is an adventure I approach with energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism.

If you have a character who needs a breath of life, contact me.

The human voice is the most beautiful instrument of all, but it is the most difficult to play.
~Richard Strauss


Dan Alex Rivera